BUSH switches with Whirlwind!

British alternative rockers turn to Whirlwind when it comes to switching guitars live!

By Will Young

When we release a new product we need to be certain it is ready for the rigors of the road, so it should come as no surprise that we get our field input from the men and women on the “touring front” so to speak, and the experts in this case are the men in black, the Guitar techs! In fact the entire Multiselector family grew out of suggestions from guys on the road that would simply make a suggestion ultimately making their job easier. That's the kind of input that makes our products so unique (and in demand).

The Multiselector Pro is a brand new product that evolved from our rack mount version of the Selector a/b box. The design improvements were enough to give this product a whole new name as well as being a valuable addition to the ever expanding Multiselector family. The most notable advance was including a tuner output on the front and rear. All three non-active inputs are routed to the tuner outputs so a guitar tech can tune any instrument in a non active channel without unplugging it, adding a time saving convenience, as well as eliminating potential human error during a guitar change. In a nut shell, The MultiSelector PRO allows selection of any 1 of 4 inputs to a single output. Each of the four inputs is electronically buffered with a 1 MegOhm input impedance which emulates a proper amplifier load and prevents any degradation to the instrument’s tone. Signals pass through the MultiSelector PRO transparently, with no coloration and the digitally controlled optical switching is completely silent. Ask and ye shall receive!

We would like to thank Bush for two decades of packed stadiums, multiple platinum albums and most of all for choosing Whirlwind.