Giant 96 Channel Splitter with Jensen Transformers

dB Integrated Systems Continental Electrical Construction Co. The Talaske Group, Inc. Millennium Park Project - City of Chicago

This is a 96 channel 3-way splitter featuring six W4CRP(O) MASS connectors, all on hinge kit adapters.
The box measures 35”H X 19”W X 19”D and was punched and laser engraved here at the Whirlwind Metal Shop.
It was specified by The Talaske Group, Inc. and will be installed as part of the Chicago “Millennium Park Project” by dB Integrated Systems and Continental Electrical Construction Co. of Skokie, IL the system installer/contractors.
This was built by Juan Melendez, senior Custom Shop Assembler who has been with Whirlwind 15 years. Below are photos of the unit during construction.

Special thanks to:
James Wicker
dB Integrated Systems
, Chicago IL

Rob Harter
Continental Electrical Construction Co
., Skokie IL

Jonathan Laney
The Talaske Group, Inc.
, Oak Park IL

The City of Chicago