Pre-wired Cord Department
Pre-wired Cord Department There is still only one way to build the world's best and most reliable cables - one at a time, by hand and with the finest cable and connectors. That's the way we've been doing it for over 30 years. Read more
Medusa Snake Department
Medusa Snake Department The famous Whirlwind Medusa has been on the road with bands and sound companies for over 30 years. Take a look and see how we make the most durable snake you can buy. Read more
US Audio Department
US Audio Department To guarantee our standard of quality and to ensure timely delivery, Whirlwind produces its surface mount circuit boards with our own in house facility. Read more
Custom Metal Department
Custom Metal Department Whirlwind's state of the art metal facility can create panels and plates of almost any size - blank or custom punched and engraved. Services range from traditional heat stamping of connectors, screen printing and engraving to advanced laser etching. Read more
DIs and Boxes Department
DIs and Boxes Department Whirlwind invented the first commercially available DI box in 1979. Since then, the line has been expanded to included splitters, combiners, testers and various other specialty interface devices. Read more
Fiber Optic Department
Fiber Optic Department From the company that has made its name in audio interface for over 40 years, brings you the next step in the evolution of an ever changing and adapting industry, with the expansion of our Fiber Optic Department. Read more
PowerLink® Department
PowerLink® Department Introducing the safest, most reliable UL Listed Power Distro on the market. Available in a multitude of configuration, and like anything from our custom shop, they can be anodized, or screened in a variety of colors, cases, and laser etched with your logo... and best of all it’s made right here in the USA by Whirlwind, the most trusted name in audio interface. Read more
Cyclone Cases Department
Cyclone Cases Department In 2015 Whirlwind set out to redefine the lifespan, durability, and ability to withstand the elements of road/flight cases. Read more