Whirlwind drops the Bomb

Whirlwind’s newest Bomb pedal levels expectations with 26dB of good old American boost, true bypass, a bright LED, and a 9V power input. BOOM!


Behemoth, Over the top, Mother of all Boosts!

This power house of a pedal couldn't be simpler, one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, which takes you from a gentle increase in volume and gain, for those subtle acoustic solos, all the way to eleven giving you as much boost as you can handle! The Bomb is also a great way to give your effects line a little added horse power to get the job done and drive your point home. Proof again, that big things definitively do come in small packages.

Check out our teaser video on the BOMB and get a 360 degree look at what 26 dB of good old American boost looks like.