Introducing the new DT12 snake

Introducing the new DT12 snake

Another first from Whirlwind!

Whirlwind is proud to introduce a new generation of industry standard DT12 connectors to fulfill the ever growing needs of broadcast production professionals. Our WDT12SKB series is fully compatible with all earlier generations of this connector. Designed and manufactured to the Whirlwind standard of ...

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New Products

Catdusa CT-F and CT-M Catdusa CT-F and CT-M Catdusa CT-F and CT-M are the latest addition to the Catdusa family. Like other Catdusa products, they use Cat cable to transmit four channels of analog audio. Both have a … Read more Rack Lightning Rack Lightning The Whirlwind Rack LightningTM series is available as a rack rail version, or as an overhead single space unit! Find out more at our website, and get enlightened! We stand … Read more
ISOPODCI ISOPODCI The Whirlwind ISOPODCI is a unique adapter that converts the TRRS jack audio of any mobile device into professional balanced signals. Output signals from the headphone section are transformer balanced … Read more ColourBond Printing ColourBond Printing In true Whirlwind fashion, we've developed a printing process that adheres to everything from Aluminum, to plastic with amazing durability, allowing us to color code, label, print your logo, or … Read more
Now a legendary QBOX for AES! Now a legendary QBOX for AES! From the Company that invented the QBOX comes the QBOX AES, The ultimate multipurpose testing device for troubleshooting digital  AES-3, S/PDIF, and analog audio signals. The Whirlwind QBOX-AES comes loaded … Read more Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller The ROK 1 and ROK 2 are ideal for controlling AC power to projectors, video displays, powered loudspeakers, lighting fixtures, etc. The ROK1 switches single phase 120 VAC and the … Read more
Introducing The Whirlwind Cyclone line of Pocket Door Cases Introducing The Whirlwind Cyclone line of Pocket Door Cases Cyclone Pocket Cases are Whirlwind’s answer to those clumsy doors that you typically have to store when not in use, simply tuck these away into the case and they’re gone! … Read more Introducing The podMIXai, the big brother to our legendary podMIX Introducing The podMIXai, the big brother to our legendary podMIX The podMIXai is an active mixing device that combines a dynamic microphone with an unbalanced stereo audio source for connection to a single line level input of a sound system. … Read more
Introducing Cyclone Cases by Whirlwind Introducing Cyclone Cases by Whirlwind When we build anything from a concert splitter, to a full blown power distro, it breaks our hearts to load it into a sub par flight case. Well that was … Read more PLR-MC21 Motor Control PLR-MC21 Motor Control Each unit will operate one or two motors in a convenient 2RU package with all controls and connections readily accessible on the front panel. The PLR-MC21 has ten Amp circuit … Read more