Whirlwind’s famous PCDI is now available in a rack mount, 4 channel version!

Each of the four channels has stereo, unbalanced line level inputs that are converted to balanced mic level, left and right XLR outputs. Front panel input connections include gold plated left and right RCA jacks and a 3.5mm stereo jack. There is also an additional, left channel only, mono ¼” tip-sleeve jack, which allows each pcDIQ channel to be used as a standard direct box.

Output XLR connectors are located on the back panel and each output is transformer isolated.

The pcDIQ also features a stereo mix buss that combines any combination of the four channels into a single stereo mic level, balanced output.

Each channel has switches to PAD the input, MONO to send left and right to both outputs, GROUND LIFT for the XLR output grounds, and a MIX button to send the left and right inputs to the mix buss.

The individual channel can be output in mono while the mix buss signal remains in stereo. An additional switch converts the mix buss output from stereo to mono.