Whirlwind welcomes Rick “LD” Wayne

Randy Travis’ axe man joins the Whirlwind family of endorsees.

By Will Young

It's always great news to find out an artist with a resume like Rick “LD” Wayne's, is a die hard Whirlwind user. Though he may not be a house hold name, he is the lead guitar player for Randy Travis and can be heard on recordings with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and The Grand Ole'Opry (Out Door Channel) “Guitar Sound Tracks” to name a few.

LD is currently touring with our Gold Box Distortion (a remake of the original hand wired MXR Distortion Plus) as well as our Red Box Compressor (a remake of the original hand wired MXR Dyna Comp).

L.D.'s career in Nashville started in the mid-70's when he relocated from his native Georgia and joined Tom T. Hall, touring three years, recording five albums, and playing the historic first home of The Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditoreum. Tom T. even wrote a song in L.D.'s honor, “The Son of Clayton Delaney”.

Johnny Rodriguez and Waylon Jennings tours and albums kept L.D. busy through the next decade. He continued to work with Tom T., and recorded the song “The Mother Church of Country Music” with Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, and Roy Acuff.

The Nashville Palace in 1983 saw L.D. join Randy Travis and play on Randy's first Nashville album, “Randy Ray Live”! (Remember that one?) L.D. tours and records with Travis today. 1989 was the year L.D. joined Porter Wagoner on the Grand Ole Opry, where he plays currently.

Thanks LD for many the years of hard work and amazing music, and thanks for choosing Whirlwind!


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