Power Link Gets Official UL LISTING!

After almost two years of development, Whirlwind is granted a UL listing for their 420 Edison boxes and Distro breakout boxes!

Whirlwind is proud to announce that POWER LINK, our newest line of portable power distribution has been granted a UL listing for our Edison boxes as well as our tour grade Distro Breakout boxes. For over thirty five years Whirlwind has been a staple in the world of live audio, from the largest tours spanning the planet, to the most well known stadiums and arenas, to events as prestigious as the Super Bowl or Olympics, but we never had a product on the power distribution side of the industry… until now.

“We launched POWER LINK on April 2nd of this year. As with all of our products, we instill confidence by doing it right, every single time, and when dealing with power, there is no greater stamp of safety than a UL listing.”

States Michael Laiacona - Whirlwind President.

From giant stadium splitter systems, to Fiber Optics as thin as a human hair you will find Whirlwind's name synonymous with quality, workmanship and dependability. We're proud to now bring you the safest, and most overbuilt portable power distribution period.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Power Link Brochure