NAMM 2011

The crew is back from NAMM and are all fired up!

By Will Young

I was fortunate enough to be one of 5 brave souls, sent to take on the rigors of the illustrious and elaborate NAMM show.  We headed out with a new booth, new shirts but most importantly, kick ass new product. On the pro sound end we unveiled POWER LINK® - our new power distribution system that's got everyone talking, as well as our new DATA SNAKE® Cat 6 snake. On the MI side we threw down hard with a pair of super clean, mega solid 10 band EQ pedals called THE PERFECT TEN and THE BASS TEN. We also received a huge amount of interest in our new BOMB pedal which is essentially 26 dB of super clean, good old American boost (and is featured in the latest Guitar Player Magazine as well as Premier Guitar). We had an unusually large amount of heavy hitters stop in to lay down their blistering chops, and the talent at this show was nothing shy of spellbinding. We had everyone stop in from Bernie Williams of the NY Yankees, to possibly the greatest living bass player in the universe Mr. Victor Wooten, all jamming out on our new kick ass gear. The best part of it all was that they all really dug what we were doing and spared no expense in letting us know it. Thank you Buster for making our pedals sound so good in the booth, your playing is inspiring, thanks to The Ramones for a memorable night out to see Cheap Trick together (I'll not soon forget that night), and lastly a big thanks goes out to Premier Guitar for representing in a mammoth way Saturday night. That publication knows Rock-n-Roll, make no mistake about it. All in all it was one for the record books and I can only begin to think of how we might be able to top it next year… Here's to trying!