Lou Gramm and Whirlwind

Rock icon and Rochester native on tour with The Whirlwind Rochester Series FX pedals

Lou Gramm's lead guitar player Donny Mancuso (of D-Drive) as well as his brother, and bass player Richard Gramm have both added the Rochester Series Red Box compressor, Orange Box Phaser and Gold Box Distortion to their guitar/bass effects line arsenal.

These basically replace my old MXR pedals that have fallen apart…they rock hard on ALL of Lou's hits from Feels Like The First Time to Juke Box Hero… There's just nothing else out there that sounds like these original hand-wired gems… Thanks Whirlwind for bringing them back!” writes Mancuso.

Lou Gramm, obviously, needs no introduction. Best known for his work in Foreigner, in which he acted as lead vocalist and co-songwriter on multi-platinum albums such as Foreigner, Double Vision, Head Games, 4 and Agent Provocateur. Gramm’s accomplishments include eight Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and five Top 5 albums on the Billboard Top Album chart while driving the sale of nearly 80 million albums worldwide. He has carved his niche as a solo artist as well. Debuting in 1987 with his first solo release Ready Or Not, which included the Top 5 hit “Midnight Blue”, Gramm followed up two years later with Long Hard Look and another Top 5 hit in “Just Between You And Me”. As Lou continues his journey through his always changing musical career, we'll be there to keep him connected and sounding his best. Thanks again Lou for the amazing discography and thank you for choosing Whirlwind.

Lou Gramm “Under The Bridge” Photography courtesy Hamilton Productions® 2010