John Fogerty, Celebrates 25 years in Centerfield!

The rock legend from Credence Clearwater Revival knocks it out of the park! By Will Young

The Auditorium Theater in Rochester, NY played host to the John Fogerty band and Whirlwind was part of the action. The house was packed in celebration of 25 years of Centerfield and in usual form, the Auditorium sounded absolutely amazing. John Fogerty took the stage and treated us to one memorable, iconic hit after another. Fogerty surrounded himself with a cast of incredibly talented musicians, most notably drummer Kenny Aronoff who is arguably one of the greatest living drummers of all time, with a bio that reads like a who's who of rock n roll, including bands like Mick Jagger, John Mellencamp, Bob Seager, and B.B. King to merely scratch the surface. At one point, they had 5 guitar players on stage and all playing; no worries the mix was neither muddy nor were any of the parts annoyingly overbearing. In fact, it was their orchestration that had the most lasting impression on me. With a combination of fiddle, mandolin, keys, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and drums, they pulled together a set that had cohesion and an amazing amount of dynamics. The set focused more on the music than on the frills of an elaborate stage set and light show. John Fogerty entertained us with his gift of gab as well as his time-proven song writing ability. I've seen my share of shows and it's always a treat to have a band not only exceed my expectations, but to hit one clean out of the park so to speak. A legendary band, a mix that left me wanting more, and a genuinely great group of guys to get to know. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for choosing Whirlwind!