Dave Mathews Band and Whirlwind

The Dave Mathews Band on tour with the new Whirlwind Mic Mutes!

By Will Young

For decades Whirlwind has been designing and building problem solvers, adapters, switchers, and pretty much anything that helps one signal communicate with another. You could say we make the stuff no one see's, but helps make the show go on! I was reminded of this last Weds., where I had the pleasure of attending DMB at Darien Lake and like always the show was flawless, the sound was impeccable, and the vibe was as refreshing as ever. While taking in the amazing production that takes place behind the stage, I was lucky enough to have a discussion with Eric Porter (one of the stage technicians that make the show such a success) and he informed me of how they were using our new Mic Mutes to silently mute the horn players mics while not in use, while being able to withstand the rigors of show after show, tour after tour, stomp after stomp. Anytime I find our products in the field I'm reminded of how much it means that a production of this size puts their trust in us… The reality is we get some of our best problem solving ideas from right here in the field - from guys like Eric.

Thank you Eric, and all of you at Dave Mathews for decades of amazing live shows, and thank you for using Whirlwind!