The Cult turns to Rochester for their tone!

Billy Duffy takes the Whirlwind Rochester Series FX Pedals on tour By Will Young

Word is in from the Cult camp, Billy Duffy is standing firmly behind his Orange Box, from our very own Rochester series FX pedals! The Orange Box Phaser (remake of the original hand wired MXR Phase 90 that hasn't been made since the early 70's).  It gets better, not only are they using our FX pedals, cables, and stage snakes, but Gavin Menzies, Stage Tech for the Cult has us building the guitar looms for Billy Duffy's legendary guitar rig.

At this level of performance, there is no second chance and everything has to be perfect every show, every time, that's why we called you guys” exclaims Menzies.

Look for The Cult to blow the door off any joint they step foot in as they are a group of hard hitting, nail it to the floor kinda musicians and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of their sound!

The Rochester Series were the first FX pedals that Whirlwind owner Michael Laiacona launched almost 40 years ago when he owned MXR. MXR was later sold to Dunlop where through automated circuit boards they began manufacturing Chinese replicas of the formerly hand wired pedals. Michael no longer has any affiliation with MXR but decided after a heavy demand, to bring back the pedals that got him started in the music industry, and we're loving the feedback we're getting (pardon the shameless pun).

We launched the pedal line a little over a year ago and it has opened up a demand that we had not expected” says Laiacona. “With that, we've opened our Whirlwind FX Lab and already have 2 more pedals available (The Commander 2, and The Bomb boost pedal. We're not resting on the laurels of our legendary FX pedals, in fact our FX gurus are at it as we speak reshaping the tonal landscape of what you'll be hearing for generations of music to come.”

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