The Cult brings the big guns!

Billy Duffy and company level the house with the new Whirlwind Bomb pedal!

Friday night in Buffalo, The Cult brings their big sound to a smaller venue and we were there to witness the event. Billy Duffy and Ian Astbury (original Cult Members) and band took the stage with the charisma and energy of teenagers and the talent of the seasoned pros that they are. Note for note, lick for lick these guys brought me back to days of my impressionable youth with the sound that filled every nightclub from the mid eighties to today. They opened the show with a brand new song which Gavin Menzies (guitar tech for Billy Duffy) tells me is a tradition, followed by iconic hit after icon hit, switching seamlessly from the delay and chorus rich sounds of the Love album, to the Rick Rubin minimalistic, chopping guitar sounds reminiscent of the Electric album. Ian Astbury's voice was in the best shape I've ever heard it to date, and that includes stadium shows with Metallica dating as far back as the eighties where he was much younger and had a far more extensive sound system. The highlight for us that night had to be that it was the first time we got to see our Bomb pedal in action and it worked like magic, which made for a spectacular pedal debut. Gavin, gave us an A+ on our guitar looms and had a cool suggestion of what we could build next for them.

It's that kind of input that gives us the advantage over everyone else, and we are grateful to have the relationships we do with bands and crew of this caliber”. says Will Young, (Whirlwind's Artist Relations and Marketing Director.)

The Cult heads south for another leg of their tour and we are once again left with nothing but admiration for a group of musicians and crew that continue to inspire and never stop entertaining. Thanks again guys for a truly memorable night, and thanks for choosing Whirlwind.