Blue October brings their amazing show to town

Whirlwind FX Lab Endorsees lay down a set to remember.

By Will Young

This past weekend I was delighted to attend an absolutely amazing night of entertainment at the Water Street Music Hall with a headlining performance by Houston natives/RED recording artists Blue October. These guys brought a level of professionalism seldom found in a night club and would be standard OP for a national stage or auditorium. Justin Furstenfeld took the stage and within seconds had the entire place singing in unison. The energy seemed to build with the intensity of the lyrics, and it became obvious, this group of heavy hitters was no stranger to crescendos. The mix was heavy but not overbearing and the dynamics within the set bore more of a resemblance to a Peter Gabriel show than any of the recordings I've grown accustom to hearing on the radio. Clearly a well polished group of musician that never lost my attention the entire night.

Whirlwind is everywhere, and when we walk into a club, theater, or stadium and see your logo, we know it’s going to work. Your effects pedals are amazing, and have continually helped us shape our sound. Whirlwind gear has been absolutely essential to us as a touring band over the years, and we’re thankful that you guys do what you do. Keep up the good work!”
 - Matt Noveskey -Blue October

If you haven't seen these guys live yet, don't let this one slip by. Thank you Blue October for bringing us hook after hook, night after night, and thank you for choosing Whirlwind!