Alex Kane and Clare Misstake touring with Whirlwind

Marky Ramones’ Guitarist and Bass player are wielding Rochester Series worldwide! By Will Young


Alex Kane and Clare Misstake are two of our newest endorsees that have embraced our new line of guitar effects pedals as well as our legendary cables. We had the pleasure of meeting these two amazing musicians at this years NAMM show and are honored to have them in the Whirlwind family. Markey Ramones Blitzkrieg has been pounding out sold out shows from Japan, to Germany, to Italy and now are in Spain and show no sign of slowing down. Word back from Alex is that our gear is taking every bit of abuse he can dish out and still sounds fantastic. Clare says her leader cords keep her from ever having to think about a solid connection and let her do her thing without compromise while achieving optimal signal strength. Look for them at a stadium near you and check out their new single, “when we were angels”. We love you guys, keep on packin' em in!