New Products

PCDIQ PCDIQ Each of the four channels has stereo, unbalanced line level inputs that are converted to balanced mic level, left and right XLR outputs. Front panel input connections include gold plated … Read more OC BASS OC BASS Get in touch with your inner thump! The OC BASS Optical Compressor is both a compressor, as well as a limiter - (depending on how you have it switched). With … Read more
Fiber Optics Fiber Optics Whirlwind's legendary Custom Dept is your one stop shop for Fiber Optic cables, panels and boxes, making the possibilities as vast as your imagination. Call us to quote your next … Read more HATT4 HATT4 The HATT4's outputs deliver clean, high power signal capable of driving any modern type of earbuds or headphones. Each output is driven by a high fidelity, low distortion, class AB … Read more
Introducing the Whirlwind Mic Mute family Introducing the Whirlwind Mic Mute family The Whirlwind Micmute boxes offer passive switching solutions for controlling the on and off conditions of a microphone or balanced line signal via footswitch or finger switch operation. There are … Read more Introducing the Di2 Introducing the Di2 If you've ever wired a stage with multiple DIs, then you already love the DI2. The DI2 makes it easy to keep your stage clean, and eliminates the need for … Read more
5.1 Precision Level Control 5.1 Precision Level Control Whirlwind proudly announces the newest member of its vast family of products, the 5.1PA Precision Attenuator. The 5.1PA system was originally designed for post production suites, as well as the … Read more Isopod Isopod Plug your MP3 player into your console with our new ISOPOD and let the show begin. The ISOPOD safely sums to mono, and transformer isolates unbalanced 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo connections … Read more
Whirlwind unveils a new standard in inline isolation transformers Whirlwind unveils a new standard in inline isolation transformers The new Whirlwind ISOXL isolation transformer provides your cleanest solution for eliminating those annoying hums and buzzes in your recordings or audio system. Whirlwind engineers designed this from the ground … Read more Whirlwind releases two new Direct Boxes Whirlwind releases two new Direct Boxes Whirlwind engineers set out to create a premium quality Direct Box transformer that would rival the performance of DIs costing many times more. The result is the DImax transformer that … Read more