A Whirlwind PatchMaster In One Rack Space


Here is a great idea for adding subsnake and patching capability to a new or an existing splitter system.

The PatchMaster incorporates five W1 multipin inputs connected directly to color-coded tails. The tails exit through grommets so they may be retracted into the panel. Tails can be dressed to length for a neat appearance and unused tails can be pushed back and out of the way.

Related PatchMaster Components

Pick any 5 of the Mini-12, MultiSnake12 or DrumDrop color-coded boxes and connect them to the PatchMaster with “C” series W1 - W1 cables.

After you've patched your channels for the first time, it's a simple job to drop the boxes at various points on the stage and get connected and patched with only 5 cables to the splitter.

mini 12 colors

Mini-12 Drop Boxes

Color-coded and handy to drop wherever needed.




8 channel XLR fanout for drum mics and 4 auxiliary XLR inputs on the box (overheads, vocals, nearby backline inputs . . .)


MultiSnake12 w/ W1 Disconnect

MultiSnake12 w/ W1 Disconnect

4 DIs and 8 XLR channels for backline, keyboards or vocals plus acoustic instruments out front.


12 channel C series cable

12 channel C series cable

W1 male to W1 female, available in various lengths.