SB Series Multichannel Passive Mic Splitters

Part number: SB

Whirlwind SB Series multichannel microphone splitters provide a convenient method of splitting multiple microphone signals to two locations.



Each channel has a Whirlwind WC3FQ female XLR input connector wired to two Whirlwind WC3MQ male XLR outputs - available with either two direct outputs or one direct and one transformer isolated output. These can be ordered with ground lift switches on one output. SB splitter boxes specified without ground lift switches have Pin 1 of the isolated output permanently connected to Pin 1 of the input.

The boxes are built from heavy cold-rolled steel for long term abuse-resistance.

Catalog Number:


Match number to chart

Number of inputs (1)

- 6 inputs
- 8 inputs
12 - 12 inputs
16 - 16 inputs
20 - 20 inputs
24 - 24 inputs

Type of split (2)

  - 2 parallel outputs
T1 - 1 parallel and 1 isolated output

Ground Lifts (3)

Leave blank - no ground lift switch
1G - Ground lift switch provided - lifts split output only


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