Medusa® Power Series Audio Snakes

Part number: Multiple

The Medusa Power Series is designed specifically for use with mixing boards that incorporate built-in power amplifiers.

Each Power Medusa is constructed of a heavy-duty steel stage box with female XLR inputs, 1/4" TRS returns, and four 1/4" speaker jacks.

Available with our traditional "Whirlwind Blue" multipair cable or Black upon request.

  • Product family: Medusa Power
  • Type: Analog


Whirlwind Power Series multipair cable is a cable within a cable - the outer layer contains audio pairs surrounding an inner core of 2 pairs of 14 ga. wire that has its own overall foil shield and jacket. Each of the two speaker lines is terminated with 2 paralleled 1/4" jacks on the box. A heavy-duty wire mesh strain relief secures the multipair cable to the box and a wire mesh hanger grip is provided at the fanout.

Available in 8x1, 12x4, and 16x0 input/return channel configurations and 50, 100, or 150 ft. lengths.

We are often asked about the advisability of running speaker level signals in the same cable as mic level signals - the concern being possible crosstalk from the speaker lines into the mic lines.

Whirlwind pioneered the Medusa Power Series snake and has been producing it for over 30 years. In all that time, we have never encountered an issue with crosstalk caused by the snake. The Medusa Power snake was designed so that the geometry of the cable creates physical distance between the separate sections, guarding against crosstalk.

There are other issues regarding power loss and damping factor that can come into play when running speaker lines long distances but that is the case whether or not the speaker cables are integrated into a single snake or split into separate cables.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical suppport department.

Catalog Number:

MP - 1 - 2

Match number to chart (Eg: MP-8-50)

Configuration (1)

8 - 8 inputs and 1 return
12 - 12 inputs and 4 returns
16 - 16 inputs and 0 returns

Length in Feet (2)

50 - 50' (15.25m)
100 - 100' (30.5m)
150 - 150' (45.8m)
XX - Custom length