Insert Snakes

Part number: Multiple

Our insert snakes are the professional solution for neatly dressing the cables between your console and outboard gear.



Our single point insert snakes feature 1/4" TRS plugs at the console end, each wired to a pair of 1/4" TS plugs at the equipment end. Use with consoles that route the send and return through a single TRS jack.

Our dual point insert snakes feature an equal number of 1/4" TRS balanced plugs on each end for use with consoles that employ separate send and receive jacks.

Both models are constructed with Neutrik plugs and premium Canare cable with SnakeSkin® standard on the fanouts.

Catalog Number

MTI - 1 - 2 (Eg. MTI-4S-8U-015)

Connectors (1)

4S-8U - 4 TRS to 8 TS (single insert jack)
8S-16U - 8 TRS to 16 TS (single insert jack)
8S-8S - 8 TRS to 8 TRS (dual insert jacks)
16S-16S - 16 TRS to 16 TRS (dual insert jacks)

Length in Feet (2)

015 - 15' (4.58m)
025 - 25' (7.62m)
xxx - custom length