Mass Punch Panels

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Punchdown panels are an ideal way to terminate your multipin MASS connectors.

  • Type: MASS Punch System


Developed by ADC and Whirlwind, the 58-channel MASS Punch has terminated thousands of MASS connectors with a solid gas-tight connection system that accommodates 22, 24, or 26 ga. solid or stranded wire and permits easy rerouting of wires in the field. 

ADC's Quick Connect Punchdown (QCP) technology completely eliminates tinning and soldering, resulting in significantly faster setup and maintenance times.

Catalog Number:
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Number of Channels:

12 - 12 channels, 2 rack spaces
28 - 28 channels, 2 rack spaces
58 - 58 channels, 3 rack spaces

Type of Connectors:

W1C - up to 12 channels
W2C - up to 20 channels
W5CRP - up to 16 channels
W6CRP - up to 28 channels
W3CRP - up to 40 channels
W4CRP - up to 58 channels

Wiring Configuration:

- to a single connector wired as output (female for W1,W2)
- to a single connector wired as input (male for W1,W2)
- to two output connectors, paralleled (female for W1,W2)
- to one output and one input connector, paralleled (one each M/F W1,W2)
- to two input connectors, paralleled (male for W1, W2)