Power Meter

Part number: PL-PM1RJ

Whirlwind is pleased to announce a feature filled technological enhancement to the PL-PM1RJ power meter. The PL-PM1RJ can now be remotely monitored through any Ethernet LAN and via the Internet. This allows real time power distribution monitoring from any location or multiple locations simultaneously. Features include IP readdressing to integrate easily into existing LANs, and unit naming to identify individual monitoring locations. Simply connect the PL-PM1RJ to your network and monitor from any connected device, even wirelessly with your phone or tablet.



The UL listed Whirlwind PL-PM1RJ Power Meter is designed for monitoring voltage, current and frequency on 3 phase Y power with three 120 Volt AC legs or single phase AC with two 120 Volt legs. The PL-PM1RJ monitors line to neutral and line to line voltages and line current values. Additionally, neutral to ground voltage and line frequency are monitored. A new enhancement of the PL-PM1RJ now allows network connectivity for remotely viewing power distribution parameters in real time. IP based design permits Internet accessibility. The Whirlwind PL-PM1RJ Power Meter can be used with portable AC distribution and permanent power distribution systems. The PL-PM1RJ can be included in Whirlwind Power Link distro systems and also can be purchased separately for any applicable use. The Pl-PM1RJ is also available with a current sensing transformer kit. Use part number PL-PM1RJK1 for new installations or PL-PM1RJK2 for existing installations.

* Also available without network interface (part number PL-PM1)

Display Mode Description:

• Apply Power.
• The power on sequence will illuminate all LEDs on the front panel.
• The Software Revision is then displayed in the lower right hand display.
• Mode A Voltage (blue LED) and current measurements will display.

Mode A Voltage Display (blue LED reference)
The TOP row of displays will show (left to right):
• X Leg to Neutral voltage
• Y Leg to Neutral voltage
• Z Leg to Neutral voltage
• Safety Ground to Neutral voltage

Mode B Voltage Display (red LED reference)
The TOP row of displays will show (left to right):
• X-Leg to Y-Leg voltage
• Y-leg to Z-Leg voltage
• Z-Leg to X-Leg voltage
• Frequency

Amperage Display (mode A and B)
The bottom row of displays will always show:
• X-Leg current
• Y-Leg current
• Z-Leg current
• Neutral Leg current.

Flashing Display Notifications
The Voltage displays will flash when a voltage is out of range.
• In Mode A, the X, Y, or Z to Neutral voltage display will flash when the voltage is below 108 Volts or above 131 Volts.
• In Mode B, a voltage display will flash when the voltage is less than 187 Volts or grater than 228 Volts.