Fiber Optic Sock

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We are now shipping our fully terminated Fiber Optic assemblies “Spooled and Socked” ready for installation, and just like all of our products, they’re tested, certified, and built for the long haul. From the simplest of cables, to the world’s most elaborate custom installations, Whirlwind’s certified Fiber Optic department is second to none. Call us today and find out for yourself how Whirlwind is changing an industry - 1-800-733-9473.



Both fanouts are treated with Snakeskin® on each individual channel, protected with bubble wrap and encased in a Snakeskin® sock. The end of the sock is triple-tied behind the adhesive fanout shrink, (shrink has been bonded to Kevlar strength members), ensuring that absolutely no tension is
applied to the fanout during the pull.


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