Cyclone Cafe

Part number: Cyclone Cafe

Introducing the the Whirlwind Cyclone Cafe!

This incredibly functional mobil kitchen is a must have for anyone that's ever worked on the road! Complete with fully shock mounted appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, paper towel holder, USB charging stations and outlets, and a lid that turns into a sturdy table!

Make the road feel a little more like home with the Cyclone Cafe!



Features include:

1. Mini refrigerator
2. Microwave oven
3. Keurig coffee maker
4. A/C outs
5. USB charging station
6. Large storage area
7. 2 large drawers for storage
8. Front cover turns into table
9. Lockable and may be chained on site
10. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
11. Perfect for short or long term work breaks ,venue or work sites
12. On site for convenience
13. Locking wheels
14. Made in USA
15. Comes with Edison input for power