D-Sub Connectors

Part number: See Chart

Industry standard connectors used for digital multitrack recorders, mixers, and computers are available. The DSUB multipin connectors have solder-type contacts, goldplating, and metal backshells. Crimp type also available.

  • Type: DSUB



DSUB9ILM 9 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB9ILF 9 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB9CHM 9 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB9CHF 9 pin DSUB chassis female
DSUB15ILM 15 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB15ILF 15 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB15CHM 15 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB15CHF 15 pin DSUB chassis female
DSUB25ILM 25 pin DSUB inline male
DSUB25ILF 25 pin DSUB inline female
DSUB25CHM 25 pin DSUB chassis male
DSUB25CHF 25 pin DSUB chassis female