Neutrik Connectors

Part number: See Below

Neutrik Connectors are the best in the world!



Image Part Number Product
NC3MDS1B NEW! Chassis male XLR w/ screw terminals
NC3FDS1B NEW! Chassis female XLR w/ screw terminals
NC3MX*+ Inline male XLR
NC3FX*+ Inline female XLR
NC3MRC*+ Right angle inline male XLR
NC3FRC*+ Right angle inline female XLR
NC3FP*+ Chassis mount female XLR
NC3MP*+ Chassis mount male XLR
NP2C*+ Inline 1/4" phone plug
NP3C* Inline 1/4" TRS plug
NP2RCS Right angle inline 1/4" plug
NP3RCS Right angle inline 1/4" TRS plug
NC3MD-L*+ Chassis mount male XLR, D - series
NC3FD-L*+ Chassis mount female XLR, D - series
NF2C-B/2 ProFi RCA plugs (sold in pairs)
NC3FXS Female XLR with switch
NCJ6FI-S Combo plug with solder cups, nonswitching
NP3TB-R Long frame patch bay plug (red)
NP3TB-B Long frame patch bay plug (black)
  • * Add "-Bag" suffix for black housing with silver contacts 
  • + Add "-B" suffix for black housing with gold contacts 
  • Note: 3-6 pin versions avaliable from stock