WDMX bulk cable

Part number: multiple

Whirlwind DMX cables are rugged, heavy duty cables for everyday use in the entertainment industry.
Thick yet flexible outer jacket material along with braided shields and 22 gauge signal conductors ensure long life and reliability. For three pin DMX wiring Belden 1696A cable is used and five pin DMX wiring uses  proprietary Whirlwind WDMX4 cable with a thick tactical jacket.

  • Type: WDMX


Model No. of Conductors Center Conductors Shield Nominal Impedance Overall Diameter (inches) Weight per 100 ft (lbs.)
W1696A 1pr 22 ga./24ga. drain 90% braid over foil 110 Ohms .234 3.50
WDMX4 2pr 22 ga. 88% braid/ kevlar fillers 110 Ohms .300 4.75

Capacitance is 13pF between conductors and 25pF one conductor to shield