AES/EBU bulk cable

Part number: MULTIPLE

These Belden cables are designed specifically for digital audio and the AES/EBU 110 Ohms impedance standard, utilizing Datalene® insulation for low capacitance. The 1800F "Super Flexible" cable uses a patented "French Braid" shielding and a special jacket compound formulation. The multipair cables are individually jacketed and shielded. Pairs are colored blue and white. The PVC jackets are numbered and color coded. An overall Beldfoil shield increases RF rejection under the gray PVC Jacket.

  • Type: AES/EBU


Model No. of Conductors Center Conductors Shield Nom Attenuation at 3MHz Overall Diameter (inches) Weight per 100 ft (lbs.)
W1800F 1pr 24 ga. 95% French Braid 1.75 dB/100' .211 2.4
W1800B 1pr 24 ga. 100% Beldfoil 1.45dB/100' .177 1.83
W1801B plenum 1pr 24 ga. 100% Beldfoil 1.38dB/100' .165 1.3
W1802B Siamese 2pr. 24 ga. 100% Beldfoil 1.45dB/100' .180 x .360 3.1
W1805F 8pr 24 ga. 100% Beldfoil 1.76dB/100' .661 16.9
W1806F 12pr 24 ga. 100% Beldfoil 1.45dB/100' .829 27.0

Capacitance is 13pF between conductors and 25pF one conductor to shield