Part number: FXOCBP

Optical Bass Compressor/Limiter



Get in touch with your inner thump!

The OC BASS Optical Compressor is both a compressor, as well as a limiter - (depending on how you have it switched). With three pre programmable attack speeds, you can switch from a super fast, thumping grab, to a long and lush compressed sustain, with plenty of adjustment in between. The OC BASS comes with adjustable input and outputs, so you can easily tailor the exact amount of punch and sustain you desire. Set the attack switch to med in the limiter mode, and turn your thumb into a registered weapon of funk. Your bass will thank you!

(Combine this with our BASS TEN - 10 band EQ and hear your bass rig come to life... It’s a beautiful thing!)

The OC BASS is powered by a 18V wall adapter (Included)


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