THS R Talkback headphone box

Part number: THSR

The THS R Talkback/Headphone box is a specialized sports announcer console designed to operate with RTS® IFB systems. Main and talkback microphone outputs are provided, with Cough and Talkback switches for control. The talkback output is line level with a trim control and the main microphone output of the THS R will remain live on-air if power is lost, when using dynamic microphones.

Interrupt and non-interrupt headphone signals, as well as power for the THS R, are connected through a female 3 pin XLR connector. Each input signal has a volume control and assign switches to the left and/or right headphones. Input level adjustments affect both left and right ears equally. The headphone amplifiers are optimized to work with impedances ranging from 30 to 150 Ohms due to the current available from the IFB line. 600 Ohm headphones can be used with a slight reduction in volume.

  • Product family: THS HEADPHONE BOXES


The RTS® compatible THS R has both main and talkback microphone outputs. The microphone signal is always live at the main output unless the Talkback or Cough switch is depressed. If power to the THS R is lost, the mic signal will still pass with dynamic mics and with condenser mics if phantom power is provided from the host console. Two types of onboard condenser microphone power are available, enabling seamless switching when talkback is activated. A three way switch selects either phantom or "T" power and is recessed to avoid accidental turn off. A momentary Cough switch silences both the mic out and the talkback out when depressed. The announcer’s microphone is sent through a preamp and line driver that deliver line level signal to the talkback output when the momentary Talkback switch is activated. The Talkback switch also mutes the mic out. There is a level control for fine adjustment of the audio sent down the talkback line.

The THS R receives both power and input audio through a female 3 pin XLR from a "Wet" RTS® compatible IFB system. Positive 24-30VDC power and interrupt audio are on Pin 2 and non-interrupt audio is on Pin 3. Pin 1 is power ground and audio shield. The headphone section of the THS R has two inputs. Each input has a volume control and dip switches to send the signal to the left and/or right headphone earpieces. When an input is assigned to both ears, level adjustments affect both left and right ears equally. Both 3.5mm and ¼” TRS jacks are provided for hookup flexibility. Headphones with impedances ranging from 30 to 150 Ohms can be driven to full volume. 600 Ohm headphones can be used with a slight reduction in volume due to "Wet" IFB current limitations.

Transformer isolation is provided for both IFB inputs and the talkback output. The high quality audio transformers provide signal and power isolation and ground loop reduction for both the interrupt and non-interrupt inputs as well as line balancing for the talkback output.

The THS R can also be locally powered. A rear panel switch selects "Wet" IFB or external power supplied by a 12 VAC power adapter, model # PS12AC1A, included with the unit. Typical current consumption from the IFB line is 85mA. Maximum draw is 110mA.


· RTS® compatible 3 pin XLR input configured for "Wet" IFB (24-30VDC)

· Input Assign switches route inputs to either or both ears

· Individual volume controls for interrupt and non-interrupt inputs

· Transformer isolation on both inputs and talkback out

· Passive Mic Out for on-air reliability

· Mic output switching is completely silent

· Active line level Talkback Out with level adjust

· Cough and Talkback switches for control

· ¼” TRS or 3.5mm headphone jacks

· PS12AC1A power adapter included for external power