Oli Brown Tours with Whirlwind Oli Brown Tours with Whirlwind Up until 2002, Oli Brown had never picked up a guitar, yet by 2006 (at just 16) he had toured in America, TWICE, opening for  Blues royalty such as Buddy … Read more Customers' testimonials say it all Customers’ testimonials say it all We at Whirlwind get letters and videos from time to time letting us know how happy our customers are and how well our products have stood the test of time. … Read more
Alex Kane and Clare Misstake touring with Whirlwind Alex Kane and Clare Misstake touring with Whirlwind Alex Kane and Clare Misstake are two of our newest endorsees that have embraced our new line of guitar effects pedals as well as our legendary cables. We had the … Read more Feature article in Music Trades Magazine Feature article in Music Trades Magazine IT WAS A STANDING OVATION that got him. Michael Laiacona spent years deflecting calls to create a new line of effects pedals. Though the requests came from peers and retailers, … Read more
Clouseau Finds A Digital Solution Clouseau Finds A Digital Solution The concert was also captured on high definition DVD (released last month) by Belgian OB company Alfacam, with sound recorded by MotorMusic and mastering at Galaxy Studios by new appointee … Read more Rochester Series Effects Pedals Rochester Series Effects Pedals Here’s the Story… By Will Young Back in 1961, Michael Laiacona was an ambitious 12 year old bass player/guitar player with boundless energy, playing in an Albany band that would … Read more
Les Paul’s Les Paul” The story: I'd always been a fan of Les Paul, not just because he is an amazing guitarist and entertainer but also because he is an inventor and innovator who … Read more