A Win - Win - Win for Whirlwind, UPS, and The Buffalo Bills

Michael enjoys a great game, a Hall of Fame appearance, and a better way to ship into Canada.


Michael Laiacona (our President and Owner) had the pleasure of attending the Buffalo Bills victory over the Cleveland Browns this past weekend at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park NY. A stadium Michael is quite familiar with as he used to run all of the audio for every home game for almost 16 years. This time Michael was a guest and he thoroughly enjoyed actually sitting back and watching it all happen. During the game they were visited by none other than Hall of Famer — Thurman Thomas, the Buffalo Bills' star running back whose name conjures up memories of the great Jim Kelly era where they made an unprecedented four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, set countless records and filled miles of highlights footage. While they were enjoying the amazing hospitality, (and a game close enough to put any gridiron fan on the edge of their seat), Michael, Don Harden and Richard Moore, VP & COO of UPS met and consequently got to talking. In their discussion the two of them serendipitously figured out a better, and less expensive way to handle Whirlwind's entire distribution into Canada. “Meeting these guys not only has saved us a great deal of money, but opens up a much larger distribution into Canada which translates to more of our product being available in more areas of Canada which I feel is a win win”. states Michael Laiacona. Chalk one up to the old “right place at the right time”, because it sure was a day for the archives. I guess sometimes things are just meant to be.

Added into the equation that this was one of only three games this season that Buffalo came away on top, make it that much more of a memorable event.

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By Will Young