Power Link® and Joe Bonamassa make for a powerful tour!

Guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa powers his 2014 World Tour with Wirlwind’s UL rated Power Link®

By Will Young,

There will always be a warm place in our hearts for what we like to think of as our local blues boy, and world renowned guitar legend Joe Bonamassa (featured on the cover of this months Guitar Player Magazine). Before he was the legend, he was our local kid playing small clubs, and leaving crowds wide eyed and hooked for life. 20 some odd years later he's back in town, but this time with 4 tour busses and over 20 rooms at the Hyatt, a far cry from the days of Red Creek. This transformation didn't happen over night, and over those years his production team and crew have fine tuned the Joe Bonamassa experience into a night that is guaranteed to leave your mouth wide open, and completely redefine your expectations of what a human can do with a guitar! Last night they started the night out with an acoustic set comprised of a piano, mandolin, banjo, percussion, a few stringed instruments I've never seen nor heard of, and of course Joe's searing hot acoustic, playing favorites like Dust Bowl and Slow Train. The second set was more of what most came for and that was to be dazzled with Joe's impeccably genuine vocals, a dynamic that took whispers to thunder, and face melting, balls to the walls, super high gain guitar virtuosity.

I've had the privilege over the years to see their production grow first hand, while the show has always been amazing, last night they have managed to soulfully take it to next level. Seeing our Power Link® boxes and our impossible to miss red power distro (that they've affectionately called “Big Red”) as soon as I walked in on side stage, was not only heart warming, but testament to how dependable our stuff really is. Joe doesn't cut corners, and doesn't skimp when it comes to his live performance. From the guitar in his hands, to how the power gets to his gear, everything is top notch, and super dialed. Thank you Joe, Eric, Clay and the rest of the guys for putting on a world class tour, and thank you again for choosing Whirlwind.