The Fireballs continue to amaze fans for over 50 years!

Legends of Rock n Roll are still at it, and still using Whirlwind!

If I were asked which band in our ever growing list of Whirlwind endorsees (we like to think of them more as the Whirlwind family) has been using our products the longest, it would have to be The Fireballs! Often associated with the likes of Buddy Holly, these guys paved the way for countless acts that followed in their footsteps, the only difference is that these guys continue to play, and continue to pack 'em in!

Here's a few interesting facts about the Fireballs:

The FIREBALLS of Raton, were the 1st rock & roll recording band from New Mexico :

1. To become internationally known for their instrumental recordings of “Fireball” “Torquay” “Bulldog” “Vaquero” “Gunshot” “Quite A Party”…
2. To have a #1 vocal song “Sugar Shack” in Billboard Magazine…
3. To retain the #1 position for 5 weeks in a row…
4. To have the largest selling single recording of all recordings released in the USA for a one year period, 1963, certified by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)…

'For the record', the Fireballs still hold the record!
None of the above have been surpassed by any other rock & roll recording band from New Mexico to date.

July 28, 1989 the Fireballs were inducted into the Norman Petty Studio Walk Of Fame by Vi Petty, and headlined the show that evening at the Petty's Main Street Theatre in Clovis, New Mexico. Three original members performed : Chuck Tharp- vocal & guitar , Eric Budd - drums and George Tomsco - lead guitar . Standing in for original bass player (Stan Lark) was Fireball's historian Jerry MacNeish on bass.

The Fireballs performed at the Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2000.

On August 29, 2001, The Fireballs were inducted into the West Texas Rock & Roll Walk Of Fame in Lubbock, TX. Members present were George Tomsco, Stan Lark, Eric Budd, Chuck Tharp & Jimmy Gilmer - all performed together at the Texas Tech Stadium that evening.

A big thank you goes out to The Fireballs for over 50 years of Rock N Roll, and thank you for choosing Whirlwind!