Customers’ testimonials say it all

A few choice comments from people in the field.


We at Whirlwind get letters and videos from time to time letting us know how happy our customers are and how well our products have stood the test of time. Here are a few that we felt were worth sharing.

Whirlwind - thanks to you I haven't had to move again! Recently I relocated to Buffalo 1 block from WKBW's 50k Watt transmitter. I need RF chokes on nearly every electronic device I own. At times radio even comes through the ductwork! Without a Whirlwind cord I couldn't play guitar at home. Use anything else and I'm listening to “talk radio” through my amp. Thanks again.” - jc

I also have some very old cables from you guys that are still working flawlessly. I appreciate the quality products you guys make and have been using them since 1977. Thanks!” - Brent W.

I recently purchased a used bass amp setup and had been having trouble with it 'shorting out'. During a really intense rehearsal, my amp kept shorting out and I decided that it was the cable, the brand of which I can't remember. I reached into my gig bag and pulled out my Whirlwind, which I've had for at least 15 years, plugged it in and all my problems were solved! I bought that cable when I bought my first new guitar and both are still humming along just fine.

Tonight I'm going out to buy new cables and you'd better believe they will be Whirlwind! I will NEVER buy another brand of cable again! It's nice to know that in this throw-away society that you can count on some things to last forever. Great job!” - Stevie J.