Creedence Clearwater Revisited

CCR takes the stage with Whirlwind gear! By Will Young

Michael and I had the pleasure of hanging out stage side with true legends of Rock and Roll the other night and were treated like royalty. CCR played to a sold out show of close to 18,000 die hard fans at the Art Park in Lewiston NY and left us all singing the songs we grew up with long after the show was over. Although the line up was not all original band members, if you closed your eyes you couldn't tell the difference to save your life. I was very impressed with how well the band worked together and even backstage how much these guys actually enjoyed each others company. They still hang as friends and have a huge respect for each other, a quality that is often buried when you spend as much time on the road and bang out as many shows as these guys do. They are off to the west coast now and head out down under shortly after and will have played a total of 70 shows since March when all is said and done. Check out the schedule below and catch them if you can. I can almost guaranty you'll know the words to virtually every song in the set. A quality group of guys, and a show worth twice the price!

A note from CCR's stage manager Tommy Mack:

Hey Willy, Thanks a bunch for sending the new pedals. I finally had time between the road and home to check 'em out.  They are awesome!
I think these boxes sound like the original versions (MXR) but, better. more of a vintage/modern sound and clearly more attention to the highs and lows that are expected by players with an ear for that (If anyone can still hear..ha!). The distortion (gold) was a blast from the past with a modern touch…just fun as hell. Loved the phase as well, the cycles were smooth and very pronounced. All in all you've got a great product on your hands and I hope you have mucho success partner. Thanks a bunch again from all of us at the CCR camp for being so helpful and accommodating.