Alice in Chains and the MultiSelector Pro

When you answer to bands like Alice in Chains, The CULT, and BUSH, it simply has to be Pro!

By Will Young

Brain Herb is a consummate pro, with decades of teching for some of the most demanding bands in the industry. When he switches from guitar, to guitar he needs to know it will be silent, seamless, and perfectly in tune, that’s why he chooses the Whirlwind Multiselector PRO. The Multiselector PRO is a 4 channel instrument switcher that allows you to choose between 4 different inputs, and has a tuner out that allows you to tune the instruments that aren’t activated while one is in use, so when that guitar change comes up, you’re locked, loaded and good to go. Find out more about the entire Whirlwind Selector family and take control of your rig!