New Products

Isopod Isopod Plug your MP3 player into your console with our new ISOPOD and let the show begin. The ISOPOD safely sums to mono, and transformer isolates unbalanced 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo connections … Read more Whirlwind unveils a new standard in inline isolation transformers Whirlwind unveils a new standard in inline isolation transformers The new Whirlwind ISOXL isolation transformer provides your cleanest solution for eliminating those annoying hums and buzzes in your recordings or audio system. Whirlwind engineers designed this from the ground … Read more
Whirlwind releases two new Direct Boxes Whirlwind releases two new Direct Boxes Whirlwind engineers set out to create a premium quality Direct Box transformer that would rival the performance of DIs costing many times more. The result is the DImax transformer that … Read more Whirlwind drops the Bomb Whirlwind drops the Bomb Behemoth, Over the top, Mother of all Boosts! This power house of a pedal couldn't be simpler, one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, which takes you … Read more
Whirlwind upgrades its Medusas line Whirlwind upgrades its Medusas line How do improve on a product that for over 30 years has been, and is the industry standard for stage snakes? Well the experts at Whirlwind ask themselves that very … Read more Whirlwind unveils another world's first Whirlwind unveils another world’s first The Data Snake offers the same features as our legendary Medusa Standard series with the addition of 2 lines of certified Cat 6 bundled within 6, 12, 20, and 32 … Read more
Whirlwind's FX Lab releases two new pedal EQs Whirlwind’s FX Lab releases two new pedal EQs The new Whirlwind 10 band equalizers were designed in our FX lab here in Rochester NY by Tony Gambacurta, affectionately referred to as the Guru of modern EQs. Gambacurta has … Read more