Whirlwind upgrades its Medusas line

Introducing the Medusa EliteĀ®. Reinventing the industry standard. By Will Young


How do improve on a product that for over 30 years has been, and is the industry standard for stage snakes? Well the experts at Whirlwind ask themselves that very same question on a regular basis. In the case of the Medusa Elite® series stage snake, we added our own patented SnakeSkin™ to the fanouts which provides not only color coding but helps protect the most vulnerable part of a snake, Metal XLR chassis mount connectors for added indestructibility, and lastly we included our PigBag™ fanout bag to protect the inline connectors during storage or when not in use.

The Standard Medusa® was invented in the late 1970's and was instantly adopted by virtually every touring band as well as live sound venue as the indisputable industry standard in stage snakes. 30 years later, you'd be hard pressed to walk into any house of worship, nightclub, or concert venue and not see one. The Medusa Elite® is yet another example of how Whirlwind refuses to rest on their achievements but rather strive to reinvent the industry standard. You will find that same dedication to excellence in everything we do.