Whirlwind releases two new Direct Boxes

Introducing the Director Plus and The IMP JT. Two more reasons why Whirlwind is the un-DI-sputed industry leader.


Whirlwind engineers set out to create a premium quality Direct Box transformer that would rival the performance of DIs costing many times more. The result is the DImax transformer that is now found in the Whirlwind Director Plus.

This premium direct box has all the features of the tried and true Director:
• 1/4” parallel wired in/out jacks
• Ground Lift switch to help eliminate hum and buzz
• 30dB pad switch for selecting between line/instrument or speaker level input signals
• Switchable high cut filter to eliminate amplifier noise
• DImax transformer with dual Faraday shields and extended frequency response

The IMP JT is a top of the line passive DI, featuring a Jensen transformer - renown for wide frequency response and superior noise reduction.

Eliminates hum and buzz with a ground lift switch.

Depend on the rugged metal box to provide extra shielding and to extend the life of this direct box.

IMP JT Description

Two 1/4” jacks which provide the means to input and “loop through” the signal source. These jacks are wired in parallel, it makes no difference which one is used for input or output.

A male XLR that provides a low-impedance (150 Ohm) balanced output suitable for connection to a mixing console or work station.

This switch disconnects the ground between the input connectors and the output connectors when set to the LFT position. The ground is connected through when the switch is in the GND position.