Connect Series Studio Stands

We’re proud to introduces the newest addition to our Connect Series line of pro-grade stands, with our Studio line featuring the STND-SSBD stand with collapsible tripod dolly.


Studio Stand Features.
Height ranges for the  STND-SSBD Studio Stand;  44” to 90.6”

Studio Boom Extension: 45” to 83”

Larger OD all aluminum construction with quick release photography style boom release.

Counterweight: 8.8lbs or 2.2lbs with eye-hook and carabiner to hang sand bag for extra weight.

Large format fold away dolly with locking casters.

When wheels are not desirable, the dolly can be removed for a solid foundation. The dolly is also a multi use item for moving items around a studio.

Connect Series Studio Stand
Part number:

STND-SSBD - Full Assembly
STND-SSB - Boom only
STND-D - Folding tripod dolly