SBNL Series NL Splitter / Breakouts

Part number: SBNL


This SBNL series of boxes provide for a convenient way to split or breakout NL Speakons® for multiple speaker cabinet hookups. 



The table below shows our stock configurations but custom pieces are easily adapted to your own specifications. 

SBNL series  
SBNL18442 1 NL8, 4 NL4 wired 2-pole
SBNL18444 1 NL8, 4 NL4 wired 4-pole, in pairs, for bi-amped cabinets
SBNL14442 1 NL4, 4 NL4 wired 2-pole, in pairs
SBNL14444 1 NL4, 4 NL4, parallel-wired


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