MEDUSA® MultiSnake10

Part number: MLTSN10X6-50

The Medusa MultiSnake10 represents our next step in multi-function drop snakes. 

Available with our traditional "Whirlwind Blue" multipair cable or Black upon request.



This snake combines 4 mic lines with 6 dual purpose mic / DI lines in one small drop snake measuring 9.5" (with handle) X 5.25" X 2.5". 

The Neutrik combo connectors have the XLR sections wired to 6 mic channel lines and the 1/4" sections wired to 6 internal DIs. Each line has a separate output connector at the fanout. 

The DI channels feature individual ground lift switches and their fanout ends are color-coded yellow. 

Stock length is 50', custom lengths and options such as multipin disconnects are available.