Part number: Multiple

How many times do you wish you had a way to do a quick drum changeover in a festival or multiple band setting? Well here it is!
Leave the FM fanout (pictured left) connected into your snakehead.

Then take the DrumDrop stagebox (pictured bottom) and prewire the drum kit - no mic cables necessary! Use two DrumDrop stageboxes in a festival setting to get miked up ahead when multiple sets of drums are on stage or will be rolled in on portable risers.

Then just plug the W1 multipin from the fanout into the stagebox and you're ready to go in seconds!
Or, use the hardwired version for a single setup to keep the stage neat and organized.

Available with our traditional "Whirlwind Blue" multipair cable or Black upon request.



  • Stay organized - all drum inputs remain on the same channels.
  • Features four XLR inputs on the box for overheads, vocals, nearby backline inputs, etc.
  • Stainless steel box blends in with drum hardware.
  • Pack up one fanout and box at the end of the gig instead of all those mic cables.
  • Standard length of cable end fanouts 3', standard length of fanout on stagebox is 8.5', custom configurations available.
  • Includes snakeskin

Part Numbers:

DRUMDROPKIT-50* (with multipin disconnect)

*box with W1 disconnect and W1 disconnect to fanout available separately -

DRUMDROP-M - W1 male on box

DRUMDROP-F - W1 female on box

DRUMSN12NRM-length - W1 male disconnect to fan

DRUMSN12NRF-length - W1 female disconnect to fan

DRUMDROPND50 (hardwired)

25ft and 50 ft. lengths in stock. Other lengths made to order.