Part number: PLR-PS3


-          Surge Suppression

-          EMI Filtering:

o        Differential Mode (Line to Neutral)

·         > 50 dB, 200 kHz to 10 MHz

o        Common Mode (Line / Neutral to Ground)

·         > 40 dB, 200 kHz to 10 MHz

-          Max Inrush Current: 91A

-          6-ft captive power cord

-          5-year warranty (all Power Link products)

-          1-RU x 6” deep (ears to rear panel)*

-          5 lbs.


- Rack Lightning ® master controller
- Energize and control up to (2) PLR-PSRK-16
- RGBW color mixing
- 3-stage dimming + off
- (4) 15A duplex, rear, switched
- 1-RU, 5.5” deep, 6-ft captive power cord

  • Product family: Rack Lightning


PLR-PS3 is a single rack space unit that is the center piece of the Rack Lightning system. Add the appropriate length pair of PLR-PSRK LED rail kits and your entire rack is lit. With eight different colors and three stage dimming, creating that custom look for your rack is easy. The PLR-PS3 also has eight switched Edison outlets on the rear.


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