PLMC Rolling motor control

Part number: PLMC-4232L5, PLMC-R48, PLMC-430P7SKB, PLMC-830P7SKB, PLMC-430P14

PLMC-4232L5, and PLMC-R48 controller enclosed in a waterproof rolling case.



The Whirlwind Motor Control Remote allows control of up to 8 chain hoist motors from a rugged hand held unit. For each motor channel, there is a center off, up down switch to select motor direction. LEDs indicate the position of these switches for quick visual confirmation. When the GO switch is pressed, all of the motors will move in their selected direction. In addition each motor channel includes a “BUMP” button which allows a convenient way to trim the position of individual motors. There is an emergency “KILL” switch that assures all power is removed from the motors instantly should unexpected activity occur.