Feeder Cables

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Whirlwind offers both pre made cable assemblies as well as bulk wire and connectors. Call us today and have us quote your next distro project!



Cam Style Feeder Entertainment Cables   
Whirlwind Feeder cables and connectors, available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Call for details.

Female inline single pole   Male inline single pole
HBL400F/BK (Black)           HBL400M/BK (Black)
HBL400F/BL (Blue)             HBL400M/BL (Blue)
HBL400F/R (Red)               HBL400M/R (Red)
HBL400F/G (Green)           HBL400M/G (Green)
HBL400F/W (White)           HBL400M/W (White)