ADC Pro Patch® Patchbays

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If a customized patch bay is not an option, these pre-wired patch bays are a great choice. These patch bays use the highest quality frame type jacks with ADC's "crossbar" self-cleaning jacks.



All Pro Patch panels are powder coated for exceptional durability and feature an extensive selection of jacks, panel sizes, normal options, and a variety of rear terminations. 

Pro Patch Mark II 
Pro Patch Mark II patch bays incorporate individual QCP terminations on the backplane. All Pro Patch Mark II panels include standard horizontal and vertical designation strips. 

Pro Patch Mark IV 
Pro Patch Mark IV patch bays feature the new QCP IV punchdown system, drop-down adjustable cable bars, and white backplane, making it easier to see circuits in dark racks. Each Pro Patch panel is loaded with the highest quality frame jacks featuring "crossbar" self-cleaning jacks. 

ADC Digital Audio Patch Bays 
ADC's Digital Audio patch bays are designed for patching AES/EBU digital audio signals. The normals strapped or half-normalled panels are used to patch AES digital audio signals up to a total circuit length of 300 feet. Precision 110 Ohm impedance, low capacitance, and shielded twisted pair cable all meet strict AES standards for digital audio transmission lines, to ensure error-free transfer of digital data. 

Catalog Number 
Match number to chart

1. Jack Type: 

longframe audio jacks
stereo spaced longframe jacks
bantam audio jacks


2. Panel Height:

1 rack space 1.75" (44mm)
2 rack spaces 3.5" (88mm)


3. Chassis Depth:

14 14" (350mm)
18 18" (450mm)


4. Panel Series:

II QCP individual insulators

IV QCP IV 1x8 blocks


5. Connector Array:

(Leave Blank) 2X24 LF or 2X48 Bantam
26 2X26 LF


6. Connector Type:

(Leave Blank) QCP
EDAC/ELCO connector
AMP connector


7. Circuit Configurations:

NS normals strapped
NO normals out
HN half normalled
SN sleeve normals out


8. Custom Configurations:

(Blank) Non-bussed grounds
BG bussed grounds