ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller

Part number: ROK-1

The ROK1 and ROK2 are UL listed devices that provide a convenient way to turn power on and off for remotely located equipment that consumes power even while not in use. They are ideal for controlling AC power to projectors, video displays, powered loudspeakers, lighting fixtures, etc. The ROK1 switches single phase 120 VAC and the ROK2 is used for switching single phase 240 VAC or two legs of 208 VAC three phase. Both devices are rated for switching 20 amp AC branch circuits.

The devices are activated by a user provided, maintained dry contact closure which energizes the relay coil with an internally generated 24 VDC control voltage. Any type of single pole maintained switching, mechanical or programmable GPIO, with a current rating of at least 100 mA  can be used to operate the ROK1and ROK2. Two18-24 AWG control wires complete the circuit between the switch and either ROK device. Multiple units can be activated from a single switch by paralleling the control connections and ensuring that the wiring and control switch are rated for the additional relay coil current loads.

Both units are packaged with decorator style faceplates and can be installed in standard electrical boxes or mounted at equipment locations along with receptacles in multigang boxes. Single gang installation of the ROK1 or two gang mounting of the ROK2 requires a 3.5" deep gangable type box or utility box with an extension ring. Multigang installation with outlet receptacles requires at least 2.5" depth behind the faceplate. In boxes less than 3.5" deep with conduit fittings, space constraints dictate that wire entry can not be directly behind either ROK device.

The ROK1 and ROK2 are UL listed as Industrial Control Switches, ANSI/UL 508 and CSA C22.2 No. 14-13 standards for the direct control of nonmotor-rated loads.



The Whirlwind ROK1 Remote Outlet Controller allows a 20 Amp 120 VAC circuit to be turned on and off from a conveniently located switch or a programmable dry contact closure. The device is a single gang decora type design that can installed in a 3.5" deep box or combined with outlets in a multigang box located in a ceiling or wall.

A single pole relay makes and breaks the line or hot leg of a 20 Amp 120 VAC single phase circuit. The relay operates on 24 VDC which is generated internally. The device is activated by closing a single pole dry contact closure connected to the terminal block which completes the low voltage DC circuit through the relay coil.  Control circuit current flow is about 40 mA. A green power on LED illuminates when the ROK1 is turned on.

Single gang mounting of the ROK1 requires a 3.5" deep gangable type box or utility box with an extension ring. Multigang installation with outlets requires at least 2.5" depth behind the faceplate and wire entry should not be directly behind the ROK1.  The line side of the single phase power circuit connects to the LINE IN terminal and the load is connected to the LINE OUT terminal. Neutral and earth  connections are required but do not loop through the unit. Connect the circuit neutral and earth to the load connections first and tap off them to connect to the ROK1. The neutral is required for the 24 VDC supply circuit. Connections are spring cage type and will accept 12 AWG solid or stranded wire. Control wiring of 18 -24 AWG is acceptable and should be sized for the length of the control run.